Long Family of Wiltshire

500 years of history

Pedigree Charts

In 1878 William Long M.A., F.S.A, privately published five large pedigree charts based on various documented sources, extensively researched by genealogist and antiquary Charles Edward Long in 1828. These are labelled Tab I, II, III, IV & V, and contain hundreds of names, some going back to the fourteenth century.

The compilation of the family tree had been no easy task, not only because the name of Long was common in Wiltshire, but also because so many intermarried with their cousins to secure and consolidate their estates. The accuracy of the pedigrees is partly due to C.E. Long's access to the archives of the College of Arms, allowed him by his uncle by marriage, Lord Henry Molyneux Howard, Deputy Earl Marshal.

Because of the Longs' close marital entanglements, each chart may contain some names which appear on other charts. Where this is the case, to follow that line of descent a note is made; for example: (vide Tab IV).

Potential Connection to Other Counties

Some lines appear to end abruptly because no burial could be identified conclusively. Where this is the case it is possible that person left Wiltshire and may have started a family line elsewhere. One example of this is Richard Long (Tab II), son of James and grandson of Henry Long, clothier of Whaddon (1510-1558). Richard is to be found in Chichester, Sussex. His son Richard junior was gentleman waiter to Ludovick Stewart, Duke of Richmond and Lennox. This much we know from the pedigree, but what C.E Long apparently didn't discover was that Richard had a son Francis (b. circa 1624). The Duke's widow Frances wrote in her will in 1639: "I give to Richard Longe 100 poundes and twenty poundes to binde out ffrank his Sonne an apprentice if I doe not in my life time"

Many Longs are named in the parish registers of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and it is likely that several of these are children of William Long, an innkeeper there. William was also a grandson of Henry Long, clothier of Whaddon, and he names several daughters, grandchildren and two of his sons, William and Walter in his will. Again, none of these are mentioned on the pedigree. This therefore raises the possibility of other unidentified links and the continuation of a line in not only Wiltshire, but also other counties and countries, particularly America in which the early Longs had an interest.


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Long of Wraxall, Draycot Tab I


Long of Semington, Trowbridge, Whaddon, Monkton, Beckington, Stratton, Downside Tab II


Long of Semington, Potterne Tab III


Long of Melksham, Rood Ashton, Baynton, Wootton Bassett  Tab IV


Long of Preshaw Tab V