Long Family of Wiltshire

500 years of history

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Prologue - A Death in Paris   


Chapter I    

Long of Wraxall and Draycot:       

Robert Long of Wraxall (c.1391-1446)     

Henry Long (1420-1490)               

Sir Thomas Long (c.1451-1509)  

Sir Richard Long (c.1474-1546)   

Henry Long of Shingay (1544-1573)         

Lady Elizabeth Russell, née Long (1568-1611)      

Sir Henry Long (c.1489-1556)      

Sir Robert Long (c.1517-1581)    


Chapter II   

Long of Ashley: 

Nathaniel Long (1652-1714)        

Long of Minchinhampton:            

Rev. George Long of Bath (1621-1665)   

Rev. Richard Long (c.1600- c.1645)   


Chapter III          

Long of Lyneham:            

Richard Long (c.1526-1558)         

Edmund Long (1556-1635)           

Edmund Long Junior (c.1642-1681)          

Oliver Long (c.1643-1716)            

George Long (c.1656-1707)  


Chapter IV         

The Split of the Wraxall and Draycot Estates       

Sir Walter Long the Elder (1561-1610)     

'Murder Most Foul'        

The Legend of the White Hand 

John Long of Haugh (1619-1652)               

Sir Robert Long (c.1598-1673), 1st Baronet of Westminster, Auditor of the Exchequer    

Connections to the Family of Sir Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon              

Sir Walter Long the Younger (c.1593-1637)           

Sir James Long (1616-1692),  2nd Baronet             

Anna Mason (c.1668-1753) – the ‘Notorious’ Countess of Macclesfield  

James Long Esquire (c.1652-c.1690)        

Mary Long, nee Keightley (1652 - ?)        

Ann Long (c.1680- 1711), The Toast of the Kit Cat Club    

Sir James Long (c.1682-1729), 5th Baronet           

Sir Robert Long (1705-1767), 6th Baronet

Sir James Tylney Long (1737-1794), 7th Baronet

Catherine Tylney Long (1789-1825), the Tragic Heiress   

Money + Marriage ÷ Wicked William = Misery  


Chapter V           

The Last Offspring of Long of Draycot:    

William Long Wellesley Junior (1813-1863) - The Heir Apparent  

James Long Wellesley (1815 – 1851) - The Lion-Hearted Dandy  

Lady Victoria Long Wellesley (1818-1897) - The Heir Presumptive


Chapter VI         

The Descent of South Wraxall continued....        

Thomas Long of Melksham (1678-1759)

Old Walter Long of Bath (1712–1807) - A Man of Parsimonious Habits     

The Chitty Claim  


Chapter VII        

Long of Whaddon:           

Henry Long of Whaddon (c.1510-1558)  

Henry Long Junior of Whaddon (c.1540-1611)    

Henry Long of Southwick (1564-1612)    

Robert Long of Stanton Prior (c.1606-1697)         

Sir Walter Long, 1st Baronet of Whaddon (c.1591-1672) 

Sir Walter Long 2nd Baronet (c.1627-1710)           

Parker Long of Whaddon and Arwarton

Calthorpe Parker Long (1657-1729)         

Sir Philip Parker Long (1682-1741)  


Chapter VIII       

Long of Monkton, Rood Ashton and Melksham:

Edward Long of Monkton (c.1555-1622)

Edward’s In-Laws, the Brounckers          

John Long of Monkton (c.1581-1654)     

Thomas Long of Rowden (c.1657-1730)

Gifford Long of Rood Ashton (c.1576-1634)          1

Henry Long of Rood Ashton (1631-1672)               

Richard Long of Collingbourne (c.1633-1669)       

Richard Long of Rood Ashton (1668-1730)            

The Thresher sisters      

Henry Long of Melksham (1686-1727)    

Richard Long of Rood Ashton (1689-1760)            

Richard Long of Rood Ashton (1728-1787)            

Richard Godolphin Long of Rood Ashton (1771-1835)      

Miss Flora Long (1790-1862)       

The Bristol Riots, 1831   

Walter Long of Rood Ashton (1793-1867)    

Walter Long Junior #1 (1823-1847), the Heir Apparent    

Walter Long Junior #2 (1858-1892)           

Richard Penruddocke Long (1825-1875)

“This is what comes of travelling with one's inferiors!”   

Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount of Wraxall (1854-1924)

Richard Godolphin Walmesley Long Chaloner (1856-1938), 1st Baron Gisborough              

The Penruddocke Case


Chapter IX          

Sale of the Estates:          

The Demise of Rood Ashton      

South Wraxall Manor   


Chapter X           

The Junior Branches      

Long of Monkton Farleigh:           

John Long Senior (1768–1833)

John Long Junior (1793-1849)    

Francis Stanhope Long (1835-1884)  “I Seem Very Unlucky”         


Chapter XI          

A Diversion to Somerset              

Long of Beckington, Stratton and Downside:       

Kingsmill Long (c.1588-c.1667)   

William Long of Stratton (c.1587 – 1645)

Felix Long (c.1598 – 1667)            

George Long of Preston Candover (c.1605 – 1655)           

Sir Lislebone Long (c.1613-1659)               

George Long of Downside (c.1643-1705) 


Chapter XII        

Long of Potterne             

Thomas Long of Little Cheverell (c.1579-1654)    

James Long of Wedhampton (1694-1768)            

Rev. Thomas Long M.A. of Finmere (1691-1771)               

Long of Buckingham and Maidsmorton 

Rev. James Long Long, formerly Hutton (c.1766-1846)  


Chapter XIII       

Long of Preshaw, Hampshire:     

Walter Long (1690-1769)              

William Long F.R.S, F.S.A (1747-1818)     

Walter Long of Preshaw (1788-1871)      

Walter Jervis Long (1816-1891)  

The Tichborne Claimant               

The Last Man Standing…..Almost             

William Long of Wrington F.S.A (1817-1886)        

Major William Edward Long (1863-1961)               

Long of Arundel, Sussex  


Chapter XIV       

Long of Baynton              

The Last William Long of Baynton (1734 – 1807) 

Cresswell of Pinkney Park, Wiltshire       

Keeping it in the Family


Chapter XV        

Long of Longville, Jamaica; Hurts Hall and Hampton Lodge:            

John Long of Netheravon (c.1570-1630)

Samuel Long (1638-1683)             

Colonel Charles Long of Hurts Hall (1679 - 1723) 

Charles and the South Sea Bubble           

Samuel Long of Tredudwell (1700 - 1757)             

Edward Long (1734-1813), Historian of Jamaica  

Robert Ballard Long (1771 - 1825)             

Abolition of the Slave Trade       

Edward Noel Long (1788 - 1809), and his Brothers Frederick and Henry  

Charles Long (1760 -1838), 1st Baron Farnborough           

Archdeacon Charles Maitland Long (1803 -1875)               

Rear Admiral Samuel Long (1840-1893)  

George Edward Long (1873-1942), the Ghost of Cripple Creek 


Chapter XVI       

Sugar Plantations, Australian-Style          



Parliamentary Pedigree